How will this building project help us reach our community for Christ?

The Live Oak Performing Arts Center embodies our mission: Love God, love people, and bring the two together. Even when the church is “closed,” the building is open … it’s a place where the community comes in and the church goes out … a living room for people to find a home.

How will we pay for this?

This $5 million dollar project will be paid for through the generosity of the church, responsible financing, and a strategic investment from Main Street Youth Theatre. Live Oak will be responsible for paying $3 million of the building cost, while MSYT will give a $2 million “advanced rent” payment in exchange for 30 years of building usage.

How can I help?

Without question, the first way you can help is simply by dedicating time to pray for the ministry of Live Oak, the LOPAC, and the One Home campaign. We invite you to pray with us every Monday at 1:30 for 15 minutes. Second, make sure you are a part of all of the One Home meetings and events. Third, engage! Ask questions. Get involved. OWN this vision with us! And finally, after asking questions, praying and owning our vision, be recklessly generous. What lies before us is beyond our ability to accomplish without your financial gifts and the Lord’s blessing.