Imagine a home, a place of our own, where the messiness of life meets the grace of God every day. Not a place to hide in, but a center to be sent out from; a place of coming together and going out. A training ground, an equipping center, where people find Jesus, follow Jesus, and then free people through the love of Jesus. A city on a hill that can’t be hidden, a light that can never be extinguished.

Imagine a place for community-impacting, poverty-solving, abuse-ending, addiction-rescuing life change.

A place that encourages and equips influencers and empowers world-changing, life-saving, hope-giving, gospel-centered missionaries around the globe! A building that is full of people multiple times every Sunday with a thriving online presence where anyone, anytime, from any place can find Jesus!

Imagine a church in which people see Jesus in everything they do, no matter what they do, because Jesus IS in everything they do, no matter what they do.

This is our vision of our church, Live Oak Christian Church, living faith out of our home, the Live Oak Performing Arts Center.

The Live Oak Performing Arts Center will include:
  • 17,000 square feet for ministry and community use

  • A fully functioning performing arts stage

  • A 400 seat theater/auditorium

  • Specific rooms/space for a full kids’ ministry

  • Specific rooms/space for theater production (green rooms, costume/make-up areas, etc.)

  • Allowance for future expansion specifically designed for the ministry of Live Oak Christian Church

The Live Oak Performing Arts Center is a place where the church goes out and the community comes in.

Since 2008 we have envisioned a place where the people of the Low Country can come together. A safe place where people put aside the frustrations and rigors of every day life and simply come to be encouraged, inspired, and united. A place where people are moved and challenged. The LOPAC is not only a home for our church, it is a living room for the community to come in and find a home.

Why a Performing Arts Center? Because the town of Bluffton is listed as a Cultural Arts District for the state of South Carolina, but it currently does not have a performing arts center in which the arts can thrive.

As a church our mission is to “love God, love people, and bring the two together.” We believe that providing space for the arts to thrive is a powerful way to live out our mission.

While the Live Oak Performing Arts Center will be home to Live Oak Christian Church, it will also be a home for the Main Street Youth Theatre, whose founding goal is “to create a family centered, community-based theater where the performers are local children, parents and community adults.” Main Street Youth Theatre began in the early 90’s and has been a staple of entertainment and community to Hilton Head Island and the Low Country ever since, seeing over 5,000 patrons a year attend their shows.

Put simply, the Live Oak Performing Arts Center is a place where the church goes out and the community comes in.