Can you see it?

When we are together as a church family, can you see it? The excitement, the passion, the “togetherness,” the vision? For the last 15 years Live Oak Christian Church has been building to this moment … can you see it? We are building something special: fellowship … a family … a home, and not just for us, but for our community.

The Live Oak Performing Arts Center (LOPAC) is so much more than a building. Yes, it will be the home to Live Oak Christian Church, yes, it will be the home to Main Street Youth Theatre, but it will be so much more. It will be a place where the community comes together to laugh, to cry, to be inspired by stories and challenged by messages. It will be a center of hope and light, where the community comes in … and where the church goes out.

Can you see it?  A living room where people can find a home. A launching pad where the church is sent out.

This is a journey of trust, sacrifice, and spiritual growth, to build a community legacy that will stand in Bluffton for our children’s children and build a personal legacy of faith that will stand in your life beyond your days.

And we want to invite you to be a part of it. One Home. Can you see it …


Lead Pastor, Live Oak Christian Church